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Marcus Hoare

Colour Project

For this project I intend to photograph the colours of Nature. I have decided to focus on this area because it interests me and this this time of year is suitable to capture it with the vivid colours of the leaves and the creatures that inhabit the fallen leaves.

I plan to shoot the project over various days on location with varying lighting conditions to get different effects. The equipment I shall be using is a Nikon D90 DSLR – I have chosen to shoot this project on Digital as opposed to film because Digital files are easier to work with and I can edit any problems out in PhotoShop, a Nikon 55-200MM telephoto lens so that I can get close to the Leaves and animals without actually disturbing them , particularly the Squirrels which disappear as soon as they hear someone or something approaching.

The reason I have decided to focus on this particular area of colour is because there is a lot of variety of colours within nature and wildlife from the yellows and greens of leaves to the greys and browns of the animals that inhabit the leaves which fallen from the trees. My idea was influenced by the fact that I am Red/Green colourblind which means that I see the colours differently to most people and therefore gives a different perspective on the traditional autumn photograph.

I hope to have the project photographed by the week beginning the 21st November
which then leaves me plenty of time to edit and successfully print the final images ready to hand in on the 7th of December.

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